Thursday, May 12, 2016


    Welcome to my brand new blog!! I've blogged in the past and decided to create a new blog and come back to the blogging world!! It may take me a little bit to get into a regular blogging schedule because I'm currently due with my husband and I'm second child!! I have a c-section scheduled for May 31st and it can't get here soon enough!!
    Even though this is my second pregnancy,  I've never been this pregnant. My first was born at 32 weeks due to me having Vasa previa, which is when the placenta is low and there are blood vessels in the way of the cervix. I was put on hospitalized bed rest at 32 weeks and then 2 days later my daughter decided it was time to be born. Her heart rate was decelerating so they decided to get her out of there. She did very well with only 16 days in the NICU and in about a month she will turn 2!! You can't even tell she was a premie!!!
    I am more uncomfortable this time around than I was with my daughter so I'm ready to go!! But I know it's best for my little guy (yes, it's a boy!!) to stay in there as long as possible. So we've got 19 days and counting! !!
    Now, what can you expect from this blog? Lots of things: life of a stay at home mom with 2 kids, recipes I love, TV shows I watch, books I read, and just about anything else I find interesting!! So stay tuned and I hope you enjoy my blog!!

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