Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Time Management

How many people out there wish that there were more hours in a day? I know I do! Well, reality is that we are all given the same 24 hours in a day and it is up to us to choose what we do with them. We have to choose wisely or we're going to tire ourselves out if we try to do too much or we will waste time if we choose not to do anything at all.

Back in January I was doing an online bootcamp with my Young Living leadership team called "Operation Silver Bootcamp" (Silver is one of the ranks you can hit within Young Living). There was a day all about time management and I wrote down that a plan is our what but a schedule is our when. I think most days I have a plan of what I want to get done, but I don't have a schedule of when I'm going to get those things done. Just the other night I put a reminder on my phone for every Monday-Friday at 12:30 pm to work on blog posts. This is a great time to do that because that's when both kiddos take their naps. I just need to start doing that task at the same time on weekdays so I can get it done.

Naptime is also a great time to get the dishes put away. Little E loves trying to get into the dishwasher and has even climbed up on it a few times! So it's so hard to get this task done while he is awake unless I put him in the playroom with the gates up or in his pack and play, both of which he doesn't care for that much. So by doing this while he's sleeping and not in the room, it will make it go a lot smoother for me because I won't have to hear him scream or keep moving him away.

My weekly cleaning schedule has definitely been helping me (for the most part). I will admit that there are weeks when I am a bit lazy and don't get everything done that I should. But for the most party, my house is pretty clean. I get the basics done such as the dishes, toilets, sinks, wash. But I don't always get to the vacuuming or changing of the bedsheets. I do those tasks at least every other week but I do try to get them done every week.

My Young Living business is another thing that I need to schedule time for. Right now the team beneath me isn't that large, but I'm working on making it grow and eventually hope to have a large team under me! But if I get in the habit of having set business hours now while my team is small, it will make it easier to stick to those hours once I have a bigger team to work with. Another thing that goes along with this is how I spend my time on social media. I just started using Instagram a lot more and find myself on there a lot more than I used to be. I have decided that I'm only going to get on 2 times per day, once around 1:30 when the kids are still sleeping and the other time right before bed.

I tried to schedule all my weekdays by printing out a schedule that had time blocks and then filling them in with things I needed to get done, but that didn't work for me. Maybe I just didn't give it enough time for me to get used to so I think I will try it again.

What are some good time management tips that you have that help you manage your time? And what is one thing you would do if you had an extra hour in the day? For me, it would be to do some reading or crocheting! Those are 2 things that I wish I could do more of!

Monday, April 17, 2017

It's storytime!!

We went to storytime at the library this morning and Big E actually did pretty good today! Recently I made an oil blend for her with lavender, cedarwood, and vetiver. It is supposed to help keep her focused and I think it kind of works. I think a big part of what determines how well she will sit at storytime is the atmosphere of the room and what the other kids are doing. Maybe I need to suggest to a librarian that they get a diffuser in the activity room and diffuse calming scents during storytime! But seriously, when other kids are sitting and listening, Big E will, too. But I think this blend did work. I apply it before leaving the house and then again when we get to the libary.

Little E was also really good today as well! Because we traveled to see family yesterday for Easter, we had to take the stroller out of the back of the car and I forgot to put it back in. A few weeks ago I left Little E in the stroller for storytime and he did great! But today without it, he still did alright. He just wants to crawl all over the place and doesn't wanna sit still!

At the end of stortyime, a lady from a local garden club was there and she had little cups of dirt and sunflower seeds for the kids to plant. Big E loved this! She was so excited to hold the cup with her seed all the way to the car and had a little fit when we got to the car and I had to take it away. When we got home, I put it on the windowsill where it can get some sun and will have Big E help me water it a few times a week! I'll be sure to post the progress of the flower on here so you can see how it grows! This will be the first time we've planed anything with Big E so I'm excited to see how she reacts! Now I am off to get some cleaning done before the kiddos wake up from their nap. Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Weekend Recap- 4/16/17

I'm getting so bad at this blogging thing! I need to set aside 30 minutes, maybe even just 15 minutes every day where I work on blog posts! That way I can be sure to post more regularly than I have been. 

Saturday from 9am-2pm I had a vender show with Young Living. The day started out by being very cold and windy but it did warm up as it got closer to noon. Due to it being cloudy out however, I didn't think I needed to put any sunscreen on. I took my hubby's car and found a sweatshirt in it so I wore that. So other than my legs from the knees down, the only other part of my body exposed to the sun was my face. Well, I got sunburn on my face and a little bit on my chest. This is the 2nd time that happened to me (the first being 2 weeks before my engagement pictures, or maybe it was a week, can't remember) and you would think that I would have learned my lesson the first time, but nope! Oh well, I'm just so glad I've got my lavender essential oil! I added 15 drops to a spray bottle filled with water and have been spraying my face with it! I don't think it's helping the redness at all but it sure feels good!!

Today we went to my husband's aunt's house for Easter and had a great meal there! She had an egg hunt for the kiddos and they had fun playing with their 2nd cousins. We just got home a little bit ago and put the kiddos to bed. Now I'm gonna grab something to eat since we had an early dinner and then relax for the rest of the evening! We've got a busy week coming up so I'm gonna need all the sleep I can get! I hope everyone had a great Easter!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Oily Wednesday

Today's post is a little late but hey, better late than never, right? I decided to show you and tell you about what I got in my April Essential Rewards order. For those that don't know, when you are a wholesale member with Young Living, you get 24% off every order after your starter kit. There is also an awesome loyalty program called Essential Rewards. Each month you place an order for at least $50, which isn't hard to do at all, and then you earn points back on that purchase! The longer you are in the program, but higher the percentage you earn back. And you even get special gifts for being enrolled for so many months! It is honestly the best loyalty program I have seen. I'm using the oils on a daily basis and am always having to replace things I'm using. Plus I'm always wanting to try new things!

So here is my order for April.

Cedarwood- I diffuse this every night in my room. It helps promote restful sleep! I also made a detangler spray for Big E with Cedarwood, Lavender, and Rosemary that is awesome and smells great!

Stress Away- What mother doesn't need an oil called "Stress Away"? I have a roller bottle of this that I use on a daily basis and a spray so I can sprtiz myself before going out the door!

Thieves Laundry Soap- I'm never going back to other detergents filled with chemicals, this stuff is awesome! I also use a mixture of vinegar and oils in place of my fabric softener.

RC- This is a blend of 3 types of eucalyptus and goes out of stock often. You can only get one bottle per account per month so when it is in stock, I make sure I grab a bottle so that I don't run out when it goes out of stock! I now have 2 unopened bottles of this sitting on my shelf! It gets diffused in my room every night so we can't run out!

Orange- I love diffusing orange for an uplifting scent! I've also been putting a drop on my toothpaste and that is supposed to help whiten my teeth!

Tangerine Vitality- This was a free oil! When you place an order of 100 PV ($100) in April, you get this oil for free. This one is great to add to your water or you can even diffuse it!

So that's my April order! I'm already looking forward for my May order! Another great part of ER is that you can change your order each and every month! And the promos change every month so I look forward to seeing what they are the first of each month!!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Weekend Recap- 4/9/17

Big E went to her grandparents for the weekend so Little E got a sister free weekend. We started sending Big E to my dad and step-mom's once a month a few months ago and it's kind of nice when she goes there. I love her so much, don't get me wrong there. But as a stay-at-home mom, I need a bit of a break every now and then. And while it's not a complete break since we still have Little E with us for the weekend that Big E is gone, he is easier to take care of right now than she is. He's at the stage where he's easy, doesn't talk back, doesn't get time-outs. Plus, he is just an overall, easier kid to take care of. He's got a really calm personality right now and I hope it stays that way!

Friday night I went out and did some karaoke with my mom and her boyfriend. The place we go does karaoke there about once a month. It runs from 8pm-1am on Saturday, but I usually leave around 11:30 or so and only get to sing 2 songs because of how many people are there. It's a pretty hopping place on a Friday night!!

Saturday morning I took Little E to the child watch at the Y while I did Zumba. I didn't go on Thursday so I definitely needed to go on Saturday. After that we went home, had lunch, and Little E went down for a nap. While he was napping my hubby and I played some video games. We downloaded GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) and then started playing that Saturday night. He had found a live stream of the game on Twitch on Friday night and it looked like so much fun so we decided to try it out! I used to play GTA years ago on PS2. But now it is multiplayer so you can play with other people online. That's what is really cool and interesting about it! I'm actually thinking about getting on for like an hour each day during the week to stream it on Twitch. There's people out there that make money doing that and my husband always says that since I'm a girl, I would have more viewers. I'm not expecting much of anything from it, but we'll see.

This morning Little E woke up at 7:30. He's been pretty good all of last week with sleeping and hasn't gotten up at all in the middle of the night! I wanted a bit more sleep since I was tired from some late night gaming the night before, so after I fed him I put him back in his crib to see if he would go back to sleep and he did! He then slept till 9:00 which was awesome!! Then after lunch and naptime (and even more gaming), we went to my dad and step-mom's to pick up Big E!!

And now that both kids are in bed, it's time to...you guessed it...game some more!! I hope everyone had a great weekend and I'll leave you with some pictures of ours!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lazy week

Ever have a lazy day? Well I'm having a lazy week!! Monday my sister-in-law was supposed to have a doctors appointment that is an hour away from where we live. I dropped her off and as I'm driving me and the kiddos to go meet up with her aunt, she calls me saying that her appointments weren't until the next day! Both her and I looked at the paper that had the dates and times on them and yet neither one of us realized that it said 1/3/17. We saw the 3rd on the paper and assumed the month was April. Oh well.

So then we were ready to go back the next afternoon but then my sister-in-law rescheduled the appointment because she wasn't feeling good. That turned out to be ok because my mom was then able to come over and hangout with me and the kiddos. She is working a job with different hours every week so we don't see her as much anymore.
Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day outside so we got outside and enjoyed the sunshine!!
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Today on the other hand...it's icky and rainy outside! This morning we had some TV on and when the kiddos get up from their nap any minute now, I think Big E and I are gonna do some coloring!
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I haven't gotten to start that 30 day spring cleaning challenge yet (even though I have no excuses) and I haven't done a single thing from Pinterest this week (again, no excuses). I haven't even done any activities with Big E this week because I didn't plan any new ones this past weekend. But I'm definitely going to scour my Pinterest boards this weekend and come up with 5 days worth of brand new activities! She loves doing them so I can't let her down!! Have a great Thursday everyone!!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spring Cleaning

A few weeks ago I found this from the Mother's Niche blog. I know that it is April 4th and we're already 4 days into it, but I'm gonna give it a go and start this!

I've already missed cleaning the fridge, stove & oven, and kitchen cupboards & drawers. And then today's task is cleaning the master bathroom. But I am determined to make it through this list! I may even try and finish it early. There are a few on here that won't take that long at all so I may double up (or triple up) some days so I can finish this sooner! The sooner my house is super clean, the better!! With my weekly cleaning schedule that I printed out from The Confident Mom, I definitely think I'm doing a better job keeping my house clean than I did in the past. It is a bit difficult at times with 2 little ones running (and crawling) around, but somehow I manage to get it done! And some days my house is a complete mess and I don't get any cleaning done, but I'm alright with that! The kiddos are only little for so long, so the cleaning can wait!!! As long as the kids are happy and fed, that's all that matters! I hope everyone is having a great week so far, catch you all later!