Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Baby food, yum!

For my oldest, I decided to make her baby food myself by cooking, pureeing, and freezing fruits and veggies. So for my second, I am doing the same thing. Like with my oldest, I decided to start with sweet potatoes. So I washed the sweet potatoes, peeled them, diced them, boiled them, then pureed them and added water to get the right thickness. Years ago we bought a Ninja blender and we love it! It is perfect for making smoothies and just recently we started making smoothies a lot. Along with the blending base used for making smoothies, it comes with a food processor attachment which is perfect for pureeing fruits and vegetables.

Here is the silicone freezer tray that I used. It is really nice! For now I just filled them up halfway because I'm taking one cube out per day and giving him half for breakfast and half for dinner. Once he starts eating more I will start filing the tray to the top.

Once the food freezes I take the cubes out of the tray and into a freezer safe container. Then I label the container with what's inside and when I made it and I'm done!

Here's some pictures of my little guy enjoying sweet potatoes for the first time

I think he likes it! There were a couple days recently where he seemed to not want anything to do with the sweet potatoes or even his oatmeal cereal. But then last night for dinner, he was chowing down on them! The same day I made the sweet potatoes I also made some carrots so sometime this week he will be trying those. Then I will be making and pureeing peaches before doing another vegetable. With my first, I alternated back and forth between fruits and veggies when introducing a new food. This time I think I'm going to do more vegetables than fruits at first. And I hope this little guy isn't as picky as my 2 year old currently is. Although I'm sure my 2 year old is quite normal for being a picky eater at her age. Some days she'll eat and others she won't (that's another post I'll write soon).

So there you have it. I love making my own baby food because then I know exactly what is in the food that goes into my baby's mouth. And it also saves a lot of money!!

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