Friday, November 4, 2016

Dance it off!

Last night I went to the YMCA and took a Zumba class for the first time in about a month. We had a family emergency come up so I wasn't able to go every Thursday like I used to, but things are settled down now so now I'm back to going to Zumba every Thursday night. We got a family membership to the Y back in January when I was still pregnant with my youngest. We wanted to be able to take our oldest swimming, put her in a gymnastics class, and I wanted to take an aquatics class while pregnant. The first aquatics class I took turned out to be for older people and only had you moving your legs or arms, one at a time. That one wasn't for me. Then I found another class called Water in Motion and that was exactly what I was looking for. It's pretty much like Aqua Zumba, which is Zumba in the water. I really enjoyed that class and even went a few times after my little guy was born. But that class is at 9 am, way too early to have to get the kids up, feed them, and get them in the car to go to the Y. So I'll just stick with my Zumba.

What I love about Zumba is that I have so much fun dancing and listening to the music, that I don't even realize I'm working out! Years ago I played the Zumba game for Xbox 360 Kinect, but going to an actual class is so much better! I was a little worried at first because I figured it would probably be a bit more intense in an actual class, but it actually isn't that bad. And I'm not too worried about other people watching me and wondering what they think of my dancing, because I know that the only person I'm worried about watching is the instructor, so that must be who everyone else is watching, right?

So if you've ever considered taking a Zumba class but you haven't because you think you have no dancing skills, don't worry about it. I'll admit that occasionally I glance around the room and look at other people dancing, you can't completely ignore everyone else in the room. And I notice that everyone puts their own twist on the moves. So while I might not be on the list as one of Beyonce's dancers, I think I do just fine at Zumba. And I've tried doing Zumba at home by just watching Youtube videos, totally not the same. I find that I don't try as hard to get the moves if I'm home alone in my living room. So being at an actual class with other people, kinda motivates me to do the moves as good as I can because I don't wanna look like a complete fool or just stand there doing nothing.

One last thing about Zumba, I've found that it really is helping me lose weight. I don't get on the scale very often, but I've had 2 of my friends within the past few weeks tell me that I look like I lost weight. After the first one said it, I looked down at my stomach as was like "Woah, I do look thinner". So I definitely recommend Zumba if you are trying to lose weight or even just to stay in shape. It is definitely a great workout. And like I said, no dancing skill is required!!

I'll leave you with this awesome quote I just found and it couldn't be more right! I love having this hour where I don't have to think about anything except the dance moves!!

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