Friday, May 19, 2017

Beach time!

How many people out there need to make a list when packing for a trip? I know I definitely do! And if I didn't before, I definitely need to with 2 kids!! I gotta make sure nothing is forgotten!! Also, how many people start thinking about everything they've packed as soon as you start driving away from home, and then you always think of at least one small thing you forgot? Yup, I've done that plenty of times!!
While making the list to pack, I always just think about a typical day and all of the things I use throughout my day, all the way up to getting ready for bed. 
We leave for the beach tonight when my hubby gets home from work. I'm pretty much all packed except for my oils. That's the most important thing to pack!! Gotta make sure we have our diffusers and the oils we diffuse at bedtime. Also gotta have the rollers that I use on a daily basis. But I've still got time to pack all that. We're going to the library for storytime soon then when we come back it's time for lunch and naptime. While the kiddos are napping, I'll get my packing done and then the countdown to 5:00 begins!!

What are some of your best packing tips? Have a great weekend everyone!!

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