Monday, May 8, 2017

I can see clearly now...

Today I got an eye exam, my first one in almost 3 years! The last time I got one was a few months after Big E was born. They asked me at that appointment if I was breastfeeding because they said my eyes could still chance during that, but I didn't really care about that. And even though I'm breastfeeding again while I went to this exam, I didn't care again because I was in desperate need of an exam and new glasses! Take a look at my old glasses.

That's heat shrink tape holding my glasses together on the left side! A few weeks ago while I was changing Little E for bedtime, he grabbed a hold of my glasses and they broke! This was a little bit after I scheduled my eye exam and I even called them to see if they had anything sooner than today, but they didn't. So since then, I've just had to be super careful with my glasses to make sure they didn't break any further!!

I've had glasses since 6th grade so that would mean I've had them for a total of about 15  years now!! How awesome is that? 15 years of glasses and now I'm finally trying out...contacts!!! I've had enough of glasses! My little guy always goes after them, they get in the way when I lay my head on my hubby's chest to snuggle, they are annoying in the rain...I could go on and on!

Well, my first training session with contacts didn't go so well. I tried for a good 45+ min and only managed to get one contact in. I was trying to get the left one it first but then I dropped it on the floor so we switched to the right. I finally got that one in and was sitting there for a few minutes while they went to get another one for my left eye. It was so weird being able to see good in one eye and not the other! I couldn't get the left one in so then they had me take out the one in my right eye. Well, that didn't go so well at first but I eventually got it out. So now I have to wait until next Tuesday to try again. I really hope I can do it!! I was told that I'm not afraid to get my finger in there, by top eyelid just blinks too much and prevents the contact from going in. I'm determined to make this work so I'm gonna try, try again!! Anyone have any tips for a new contact user? Have a great night everyone!!

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