Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I can really see clearly now!

Last night, I finally got to leave Pearle Vision with my contacts in my eyes!! They had to find just the right pair of contacts so I could have as close to 20/20 vision as possible! The optometrist said that my right eye is 20/20 and the left one is one line below 20/20. Because of my astigmatism, she did the best she could do. I wore them this morning for 4 hours (working my way up to 12 hours by adding an hour each day), and it was an amazing 4 hours!! We went to the park for a playdate and my first thought when we got into the car and I started it was "Where are my glasses?" It's so weird not wearing my glasses after wearing them constantly for 15 years! It's definitely going to take some time getting used to it! Being able to see clearly without my glasses is awesome!

And getting them in and out is a lot easier now! After that first training (which I talked about here) I seriously thought I wasn't going to be able to get contacts to work. But I've definitely improved since then! It did take me a little bit to get them out earlier, but I did it!! What are your thoughts on contacts? Leave me a comment! Have a great rest of your Wednesday!

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