Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What I'm watching

So for about 6 years or so we haven't had cable and just use Netflix and Hulu. We also have Amazon Prime so we have access to movies and TV shows on there. With it being Summer, pretty much all of my shows that I watch are on hiatus until the fall. I especially can't wait until This Is Us comes back and I just saw yesterday that it comes back September 26th!! Grey's Anatomy comes back September 21st!! My sister-in-law got me hooked on that show years ago and I caught up one summer before the next season started. It isn't the same since you-know-who died, but I can't stop watching it.

My husband and I started watching Designated Survivor but we only got through the first 7 episodes. So somehow (and someday) we will have to figure out how we're gonna catch up with that show. I doubt it will be anytime during the summer because we're busy watching Shameless and the latest season of Orange is the New Black. Oh, and we also have to finish watching Breaking Bad sometime. We got into that, but then we had a bunch of other shows that we got into and didn't have time to watch Breaking Bad.

Right now the only show I watch that has new episodes is Born This Way on A&E. It follows a group of young adults that have down syndrome. This is a show that my step-mom got me hooked on and it's pretty good!!

June 28th is the premiere of season 19 (19!!) of Big Brother. I may or may not watch it, I haven't decided yet. My hubby and I used to watch it together but now he doesn't like watching it because it's on too many times during the week (3).

On Netflix, I've been watching Gilmore Girls, The Fosters, and Parenthood, all for the second time. Hubby and I watched Parenthood together and we absolutely loved it so I just had to start watching it again!

What shows are you watching? And what are some shows on Netflix that I should start watching? What about Amazon Prime? I really haven't been taking advantage of the shows and movies on there. It mostly just gets used by my daughter to watch Daniel Tiger.

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