Monday, July 31, 2017


So we finally did it...we joined Sam's Club!! They built one near us and it is opening up in September! Before this one was here, the closest one to us was 45 minutes. We used to belong to BJ's when we lived about 30 minutes from it but when we moved here, we just didn't feel like joining Sam's Club and having to drive 45 minutes to get there. Now we will only have to drive about 10 minutes!!

They've been set up inside our Walmart trying to get people to sign up and I've been putting it off to check it out. I was concerned about 2 things: would the membership start now and then I miss out on a few months of using it because the store isn't open yet and could I get a beter offer than a free $10 gift card when signing up? In the past, I've been getting things in the mail saying you could get a free $10 gift card when signing up for a membership. I'm pretty sure it has always been $10 and never more than that. Before we signed up we asked about when the membership starts and they said our renewal date will be in September but we can start using it now online and at other stores. Oh and on top of the $10 gift card, we got a whole bunch of coupons that are loaded on our membership card including ones for a free rotisserie chicken, croissants, and dinner rolls!

When we got home I checked out their site to see what all they offer and I found out that we can save some money on my contacts!!! They only want $55.98 for a 3 months supply of the contacts I wear compared to Pearle Vision wanting $91.98. That right there totally makes the membership worth it!! Because even when you add in the $45/year membership, it still saves us about $100! We already purchase some of our products in bulk (toilet paper and paper towels from Amazon and, but I'm looking forward to being able to save even more money by buying more things in bulk!

And I'm also hoping that our new Sam's Club will be participating in Club Pickup! You can order online and then check-in on your phone when you get there and they will bring your order out to your car! I am all about online ordering when it comes to grocery shopping!!! I don't mind making quick stops to the store with my kiddos, but big grocery shopping trips can be a pain because it makes it so hard to focus on the task at hand with them along!

What are your favorite items to buy in bulk?

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