Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kid-free weekend

Happy Sunday everyone!! We had another kid-free weekend and the kids spent the weekend with my dad and step-mom. They live an hour and a half away so we don't get to see them that much so it is nice that we've been trying to send them there for a weekend once a month. Not only does it give us a much needed break, but my dad and step-mom get to spend time with the kids.

Last night I read an article that was posted in a Facebook group I'm in called To the mom who stays up (way) past her bedtime. This article couldn't be anymore true for me!! When the kids go to bed, that is my time to do whatever I want!! And the one thing I refuse to do after 8 pm is clean the house! Night time is for me and my hubby to spend time together, to play video games, catch up on my TV shows, and read.

Just a little snipit from the article:

Well, let me tell you...

I stay up late because the allure of peace and quiet—while everyone else sleeps—is too appealing to miss out on.
I stay up late because the desire to have time to myself—to do whatever I want, without answering to anyone else—is too precious to pass up.
I stay up late because I want time to zone out and binge watch Parenthood without feeling like I need to be doing anything else.
I stay up late because my passion for my work runs deep, and sometimes I just can’t seem to switch it off.
I stay up late because I want to finally start that book I bought a month ago.

 The words above are so true for me!! It's hard to do a lot of those things during the day while the kids are awake, so when they are sleeping at night, that's my time! Does anyone else out there agree with me??
Well, I'm going to go back to playing my video game at 10:30 in the morning because my hubby and I are kid free right now!!! Have a great rest of your weekend everyone!

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