Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Oily Wednesday

Are you a stressed out Mama who feels like she's being pulled in a million directions? Do you feel like you need a nice long vacation by yourself? Well I've got just the oil for you...Stress Away! This is a blend with lime, vanilla, lavender, and cedarwood. I have a roller of this oil that I roll on my temples, behind my ears, and wrists. I also have a spray so I can spritz myself with it before heading out the door. 

This is also a great oil to add to Epsom salts and then add to a nice relaxing bath!! When adding any oil to a bath, you always want to add the oils to Epsom salts first so the oils don't just float on the top. 

Stress Away is wonderful to diffuse! When you add it to the diffuser with Panaway, it smells like a root beer float and adding it to orange makes it smell like an orange creamsicle!! 

Diffusing in the car in a car diffuser is also great! But you don't even need a car diffuser. Just take a clothespin, clip it to a vent in your car, add a drop of oil on the end, and breathe in the wonderful scent!

So if you need to unwind from a long, stressful day, Stress Away is the perfect oil for you! Or use it throughout the day to keep you calm and collected! Being a mom of 2, this oil definitely helps me out!!

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