Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pinterest Round Up

So I challenged myself last week when I wrote about Pinterest to try out 5 new things to do from my boards and delete 10 pins that I will never get to. Every Thursday I'm going to do a post with those 5 things I've done during the previous week. So here we go...

  • Monday I made this edible cookie dough and it was delicious!! I will say though, it is definitely not the healthiest thing in the world! It doesn't make that much, but I wouldn't eat it all in one sitting if I were you. It has a whole stick of butter in it!! I definitely don't want to eat a whole stick of butter all at once! And I'm so thankful for the Young Living essential oil blend DiGize, because even eating a tiny bit of this cookie dough makes my tummy feel a little weird.

  • Wednesday night I made layered slow cooker enchiladas. I found this recipe in Family Circle magazine and then found it on Pinterest so I could pin it for later.

Here is what it was supposed to look like...

And here is what mine looked like...

It was a bit more soupy than it should have been, but it still tasted good! I honestly don't know what went wrong here, but it was still edible and that's all that counts!

So this week I kinda slacked a bit and I only did 2 things from Pinterest. But hey, it was a good start. Tonight I'm making a new recipe from Pinterest for dinner so I will include that in my Pinterest Round Up for next week! Have a great night everyone!

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