Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Time Management

How many people out there wish that there were more hours in a day? I know I do! Well, reality is that we are all given the same 24 hours in a day and it is up to us to choose what we do with them. We have to choose wisely or we're going to tire ourselves out if we try to do too much or we will waste time if we choose not to do anything at all.

Back in January I was doing an online bootcamp with my Young Living leadership team called "Operation Silver Bootcamp" (Silver is one of the ranks you can hit within Young Living). There was a day all about time management and I wrote down that a plan is our what but a schedule is our when. I think most days I have a plan of what I want to get done, but I don't have a schedule of when I'm going to get those things done. Just the other night I put a reminder on my phone for every Monday-Friday at 12:30 pm to work on blog posts. This is a great time to do that because that's when both kiddos take their naps. I just need to start doing that task at the same time on weekdays so I can get it done.

Naptime is also a great time to get the dishes put away. Little E loves trying to get into the dishwasher and has even climbed up on it a few times! So it's so hard to get this task done while he is awake unless I put him in the playroom with the gates up or in his pack and play, both of which he doesn't care for that much. So by doing this while he's sleeping and not in the room, it will make it go a lot smoother for me because I won't have to hear him scream or keep moving him away.

My weekly cleaning schedule has definitely been helping me (for the most part). I will admit that there are weeks when I am a bit lazy and don't get everything done that I should. But for the most party, my house is pretty clean. I get the basics done such as the dishes, toilets, sinks, wash. But I don't always get to the vacuuming or changing of the bedsheets. I do those tasks at least every other week but I do try to get them done every week.

My Young Living business is another thing that I need to schedule time for. Right now the team beneath me isn't that large, but I'm working on making it grow and eventually hope to have a large team under me! But if I get in the habit of having set business hours now while my team is small, it will make it easier to stick to those hours once I have a bigger team to work with. Another thing that goes along with this is how I spend my time on social media. I just started using Instagram a lot more and find myself on there a lot more than I used to be. I have decided that I'm only going to get on 2 times per day, once around 1:30 when the kids are still sleeping and the other time right before bed.

I tried to schedule all my weekdays by printing out a schedule that had time blocks and then filling them in with things I needed to get done, but that didn't work for me. Maybe I just didn't give it enough time for me to get used to so I think I will try it again.

What are some good time management tips that you have that help you manage your time? And what is one thing you would do if you had an extra hour in the day? For me, it would be to do some reading or crocheting! Those are 2 things that I wish I could do more of!

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