Sunday, April 9, 2017

Weekend Recap- 4/9/17

Big E went to her grandparents for the weekend so Little E got a sister free weekend. We started sending Big E to my dad and step-mom's once a month a few months ago and it's kind of nice when she goes there. I love her so much, don't get me wrong there. But as a stay-at-home mom, I need a bit of a break every now and then. And while it's not a complete break since we still have Little E with us for the weekend that Big E is gone, he is easier to take care of right now than she is. He's at the stage where he's easy, doesn't talk back, doesn't get time-outs. Plus, he is just an overall, easier kid to take care of. He's got a really calm personality right now and I hope it stays that way!

Friday night I went out and did some karaoke with my mom and her boyfriend. The place we go does karaoke there about once a month. It runs from 8pm-1am on Saturday, but I usually leave around 11:30 or so and only get to sing 2 songs because of how many people are there. It's a pretty hopping place on a Friday night!!

Saturday morning I took Little E to the child watch at the Y while I did Zumba. I didn't go on Thursday so I definitely needed to go on Saturday. After that we went home, had lunch, and Little E went down for a nap. While he was napping my hubby and I played some video games. We downloaded GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) and then started playing that Saturday night. He had found a live stream of the game on Twitch on Friday night and it looked like so much fun so we decided to try it out! I used to play GTA years ago on PS2. But now it is multiplayer so you can play with other people online. That's what is really cool and interesting about it! I'm actually thinking about getting on for like an hour each day during the week to stream it on Twitch. There's people out there that make money doing that and my husband always says that since I'm a girl, I would have more viewers. I'm not expecting much of anything from it, but we'll see.

This morning Little E woke up at 7:30. He's been pretty good all of last week with sleeping and hasn't gotten up at all in the middle of the night! I wanted a bit more sleep since I was tired from some late night gaming the night before, so after I fed him I put him back in his crib to see if he would go back to sleep and he did! He then slept till 9:00 which was awesome!! Then after lunch and naptime (and even more gaming), we went to my dad and step-mom's to pick up Big E!!

And now that both kids are in bed, it's time guessed some more!! I hope everyone had a great weekend and I'll leave you with some pictures of ours!

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