Saturday, April 1, 2017

Let's Learn

Here are the activities that Big E did this week. We had lots of fun!

Monday- So this past weekend I made my own play-doh. You can read this post here to read all about that. I am so happy with how this turned out and I think Big E enjoyed it as well! She played with the Stress Away green and Lemon yellow! They sure do smell yummy!

We also did a puddle jump activity. This didn't turn out how I thought it would, but I'm going to put this activity away for another time. I don't think she understand what she was supposed to do with it.

Tuesday- Last week I received an order from Amazon and this was one of the things I received. This is a great resource because I will be able to come up with a ton of different activities for Big E. She will be able to practice so many different concepts with this! And she seemed to enjoy playing with it!

Wednesday- Big E absolutely loves this activity! I took toilet paper rolls and painted them different colors. Then she takes pom poms and sorts them into the correct tube. When I first started this activity with her, she used her hands but now she is able to use the tongs (great fine motor practice!!)

The next activity she did on Wednesday was just a old Parmesan cheese container and pipe cleaners. This one also works with fine motor skills but at the same time I can ask her to find a certain color so we can work on that as well.

Thursday- This was a busy day for us. We had to take my sister-in-law to the dentist that morning and then we had a play date in the afternoon so we never got to our activities planned for the day.

Friday- We got back on track the next day with another color sorting activity, this time with cups and buttons. She's doing really good with her colors, so I think I may do less activities with colors and focus more on counting and ABC's.

I also let her play with her tablet for a little bit. We got this for her for Christmas and she used it a lot right after Christmas, but this was actually the first time she used it in a few months. When we got Big E's tablet, it came with a year subscription that gives her access to every single app possible for her tablet. That has been really nice so we are definitely enjoying it while it lasts!

It's awesome because every day a little after I got both kiddos from their nap, Big E would ask for her activities! And how she says "activities" is so cute! The first time she said it though, I had no idea what she was saying! I'm so glad that she enjoys learning! It's more of a game to her right now so I think that's why she enjoys it so much. She's learning and she doesn't even realize it!! But like I said before, now we have to focus more on counting and the ABC's. She can count to 10 (when she wants to) but now I want her to start being able to recognize the numbers. The same with the alphabet. I may have to order some more supplies on Amazon! The teacher side of me is definitely coming out!!!

Have a great Saturday everyone!!!

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