Saturday, April 29, 2017

Things I wish I had more time to do...

Anyone else feel like they have way too many hobbies? Too many things that they like to do in their free time? I definitely do! Most of my free time is spent cleaning the house because that can sometimes be difficult to do while the kids are awake. So I've made a list of things that I would do in my free time if I didn't have any other responsibilities to take care of.

1. Crochet: Now I am definitely not an advanced crocheter, but I like to dabble here and there. I actually have 3 blankets in the works right now, one for each of my kids and one for me. It has been months since I've actually touched any of them! I have a whole board on Pinterest of things I want to try and make and maybe eventually I'll get to them.

2. Blog: If I'm lucky, I've been blogging twice a week recently. I really want to change that. I've got a lot to say but just not enough time to type it out!! So I put a reminder on my phone for every Monday-Friday at 12:30 pm to sit down at my computer and work on a blog post or 2. If I'm able to do this, I can get a new post up every few days instead of just once or twice a week. So going forward, be on the lookout for more posts!!

3. Sew: About 3 years ago, before Big E was born I bought an old sewing machine from Craigslist. It's pretty sweet and came in a table with drawers and a spot under where the sewing machine is to put your legs while you're sewing. Here is a picture of my first project that I made!

A few months after I made that, I found an easier pattern for a tissue pouch and even made a bunch of them for Christmas gifts!

4. Reading: It seems like the only reading I'm doing these days is Dr. Seuss books or recipes for dinner meals! I love to read and currently have 36 books on my "To-read" list on my Goodreads app. If you don't have this app and you are an avid reader, I definitely recommend downloading it! It lets you keep track of books you want to read, are currently reading, and have read. I just checked out a book called The Beach House and have been reading that on my tablet or phone for a little bit before bed. So I'm going to start doing that every night so I can get my daily reading time in!

Sometimes I wish I could clone myself so I'd have more time to do the things I need to do and want to do! What things do you enjoy doing but just can't find the time to do? Any tips on how to work those things into your schedule? I'm thinking that maybe I need to start scheduling these things into my days so I can do them!

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