Sunday, April 2, 2017

Weekend Recap- 4/2/17

So this weekend started out as a weekend with no plans, but then it ended up being super busy! My hubby was planning on going out  Friday night with some people from work to celebrate someone's retirement. Well he texted me Friday afternoon saying that if I could find someone to watch the kids, that I could go with. We don't get out much with just him and I, no kids, so I took him up on that! My wonderful sister-in-law/live in babysitter (just kidding on the last part, kinda) said she could watch them so my hubby and I got an impromptu date night! We started out at a local brewery where we had some beers and dinner. Then we walked over to another brewery and ended the night at a place with a bunch of old school arcade games! It was a great night and I'm glad that we got to go out together!

Saturday I planned to go to Zumba but I may have had a bit too much to drink the night before so I didn't feel like going. We ended up going to Walmart in the afternoon for a few things and grabbed a pizza for dinner. Then that night my hubby and I did what we do almost every night: video games! We just got back into World of Warcraft. He used to play it all the time back in the day! And then about 3 months after Big E was born, he got me into the world of computer gaming! We started with Minecraft and then a game called Archeage which is kind of similar to World of Warcraft.

Today was a much busier day. This morning by hubby did some work outside while me and the kiddos played inside. Then I started lunch and naptime a little earlier than usual because we had to leave around 1:20 for me to go to a Perfectly Posh party!! I got a face mask and lip gloss, so excited for them to arrive!! I got dropped off at the party while my other half took the kiddos to a bouncy place! They had a great time and definitely tired themselves out. Then we went home, had dinner, played outside a bit, and then watched Cinderella before it was time for bed. Now I'm getting ready to start playing some video games then I'm off to bed! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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