Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Oily Wednesday

It's been a while since I've written an Oily Wednesday post (you can find my last one here.) But I decided to bring this back and write just about oils every Wednesday. I love Young Living and my oils and you'll read about them in my posts here and there, but once a week I want to write a post all about oils.

This week I decided to write about Thieves Laundry Soap!

So even way before I got into using essential oils with Young Living, I had dabbled around in making my own laundry detergent. I mostly made the powdered kind because I didn't feel like dealing with making the liquid and having to melt stuff over the stove. I did however have to grate bars of soap which wasn't the easiest thing either.

Right before Young Living came into my life I actually did make a liquid detergent and that was working pretty good. But then I saw the Thieves Laundry Soap. I was already using the Thieves Household Cleaner as my all-purpose spray so I thought, let's give the laundry soap a try so I can ditch another chemical from my home!

So I got the laundry soap and I actually ditched 3 chemicals! I use the Thieves laundry soap, vinegar with oils for my fabric softener, and wool dryer balls sprayed with a mixture of water and oils instead of fabric sheets. Fabric sheets are the most toxic chemical in the American home, so if at first you can only get rid of one of those things, I highly recommend getting rid of those! I bought my wool dryer balls from Amazon. You can find the ones I bought here.

The Thieves Laundry Soap comes in a 32 ounce bottle and will provide about 64 loads! A little definitely goes a long way with essential oils and this product is no different! It can be used in all washers, even high-efficiency (he). I love that my clothes and towels don't have that chemical smell to them anymore!! There was a time since I started using the Thieves laundry soap that I ran out of it and had to go back to Tide. I could immediately tell that I was using detergent with chemicals again! But now I'm back to using my Thieves and I couldn't be happier!! Let me know if you want more information on how you can get your hands on this amazing product and kick those chemicals from your home!

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