Tuesday, March 21, 2017

School is now in session!

Last week I did really good at doing educational activities with Big E Monday-Thursday. We got behind on Tuesday so we doubled up on Wednesday and got back on track. But then we missed Friday and got a day behind again. Two weeks ago I was at the Dollar Tree and I found this. I knew it would be perfect to help me visually see what activities are planned for the day and then to cross them off when they get done.

The board hanging above it with the letters is something I made for my hubby as a gift for something one year. I think it may have been our anniversary but I can't remember. It's supposed to be so we can have an ongoing game of Scrabble but my hubby doesn't use it. My sister-in-law (who is currently living with us) and I have been using it though. When the kids are older, I'm sure they'll use it with me!

Last week we did a bunch of color activities. Big E has been doing really good with her colors! We need to focus more now on the alphabet and counting! She can count to 10 at times, but only when she wants to. She won't always do it on cue.

She also did a really good job using the tongs!! Working on those fine motor skills!!

I've been slacking and didn't plan any new activities for this week, so I think tomorrow and the rest of the week we may just repeat last weeks' activities. I need to have a set time each week that I switch out the bins with new activities so that each week will be something new and different. Or at least something we didn't do the week before. Now that Little E is older and not as dependent or clingy to me all the time, it's a lot easier to do these activities with Big E. I have so many ideas saved on Pinterest that I wanna do so again, I just gotta make the time to get them ready!!

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