Saturday, March 25, 2017

Play-Doh fun!

Friday we went to a friends' house for a play date and Big E and her friend played with Play-doh. We have some Play-doh at home but we hardly ever play with it. And I'm not too sure why we don't because Big E loves playing with it! One thing that does drive me a little nuts though, is that she only plays with the same color for what seems like 30 seconds! I don't like her having more than one color at a time because I don't want her to mix them. It's a great activity for her to do at the kitchen table while I try to get some cleaning or cooking done.

We even turned it into a little learning activity by practicing cutting! I've never given her kid-safe scissors and she never played with the Play-doh ones so she didn't know how to use them. After showing her how to use them and placing them on her hand the right way, she was starting to get it!

She also had me make little snakes with the Play-doh and then I had her practice counting with them. I definitely think that Play-doh time needs to be added to our daily schedule because it can be very educational. Plus it lets her use her imagination and create things! I'm going to look into getting her a Play-doh activity set for her birthday, maybe a Frozen one since she loves that movie!

I also think I'm going to look into making my own Play-doh. I can't remember if it was on Facebook or Pinterest, but I recently found a recipe for Play-doh that uses cream of tarter and having just baked my rainbow cupcakes for the March cupcakes in my A Year of Cupcakes series, I now have that ingredient! I think I may try adding essential oils to my homemade Play-doh to add a lovely scent to them! Be tuned on a post about that in the future!! Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Great idea to make it smell yummy!