Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekend Recap- 3/12/17

The weekend isn't over quite yet but it's winding down. And it has been an awesome weekend so far! Thursday I decided to start potty training with Big E again and I'm so glad I did! We are on day 4 and it's the first day we put underwear on her. A few weeks ago we were at Walmart and she picked out Frozen underwear!! I struggled a little bit this morning to get them on her, but somehow while I was upstairs getting dressed, my hubby managed to get her to put them on! And she hasn't had any accidents so far!! I'm so proud of her and am so happy it finally clicked for her!! I was seriously thinking it was gonna take a lot longer for this to happen!!! This is probably my 4th or 5th attempt at potty training with her so I'm glad I stuck with it this time. This time was a lot easier actually. The other times I had several moments when I wanted to give up and I did end up giving up. This time, I never once thought about giving up. She's just been that good with it this time!!

Last night we met my grandparents for dinner. We definitely need to do that more often. They are getting older and time is precious! I used to go camping with them a lot when I was younger. But once I got married, I started seeing them less and less. And they only live an hour away so it's not like that can be an excuse for not seeing them often. We need to start planning on seeing them once a month! I think that is totally doable!!

Last night when we got home my hubby and I started playing a new video game on our computer. When Big E was 3 months old, my dad and step-mom watched her for the weekend. It was the first time that she was away from us for that long and they were ready to give her back! Anyway, that Sunday, all we had planned was going to lunch and to a movie. So when we got back, I told him to teach me how to play a video game. He has always been into computer games but I was more of a console player. The only game I had played on the computer a lot was the Sims. He taught me how to play Minecraft and I became hooked! We played that for a few weeks before playing another game called ArcheAge that is kind of like World of Warcraft. I was so excited that we finally had another thing to do together! Because before I started playing video games with him, my hubby and I would mostly do our own thing at night. But now, we both sit side by side in our basement at our computers, which each have 2 monitors hooked up to both! It's so nice to be able to play a game on one screen while watching something on Netflix or Hulu on the other. Or in this case, right now I'm writing this post on one screen and watching New Moon on the other! I just looked at the movies available on and the whole Twilight Series is on there!!

After the kiddos wake up from their nap this afternoon, we're going to Walmart to do some grocery shopping. We live in the Northeast and are expecting a pretty big snowstorm Monday night into Tuesday, so I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a madhouse at Walmart! But oh well, we need food and a few other things so we'll just have to suck it up and go today. Plus, it's a whole lot easier going with my husband rather than just me and the kiddos!

Well, I hope everyone has had an awesome weekend! Catch ya later!!!

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