Wednesday, March 8, 2017

She's my person...

So when my husband and I moved to our current home right before Big E was born, we both knew absolutely nobody! My husband was meeting people at work but with me being a substitute teacher, I wasn't able to do that. And it's a lot harder to meet people and make friends when you are an adult! But, thank goodness for moms clubs because if I never found the one I'm in, I would still probably not know anybody in the area.

When we moved I was about 5 months pregnant and was tired of not knowing anyone in the area! So I did something about it. I got on Google and typed in "Moms club" followed by the name of the town I live in. Immediately something came up and I contacted the organizer! I met up with her within the next week and after attending the required 3 events, I was a member! That was about 3 years ago and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made! (The best was obviously when I said "yes" to marrying my husband!) There are always things on the calendar like park playdates, lunch playdates, and (my favorite) moms night out! It's been pretty slow the past few months because of the weather, but since it's starting to warm up, we're getting more events on the calendar!

So if you're a mom, I highly recommend looking for a moms club in your area that you can join! Especially if you are a stay at home mom like me. Without this club, I wouldn't have that much adult interaction. But not only do I get the adult interaction I need, but my children get to socialize as well! I'm skipping preschool for both of my kids because I'm going to do my own little preschool with them since I have a degree in elementary education. So taking them to playdates and letting them play with other kids will be great for them!

It's been a while since I've had a friend in my life that I could consider my best friend but thanks to the moms club, I have a best friend again and I'm pretty sure this one is gonna last a while! She's the one that introduced me to the world of Young Living essential oils and I'm forever grateful that she did! For those of you who have ever watched Grey's Anatomy, she's my person!! Have a great day everyone!

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