Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Snow, snow, go away...

Come again...next Winter!!! Seriously! Isn't the first day of Spring next week? And we're getting a huge snow storm here of about 2 feet of snow? Ridiculous!!! The hubby didn't go to work today but he works in IT so unfortunately for me, he still has to work because he can do all his work on his laptop. Oh well. At least when 5:00 rolls around, he'll already be home and he can help me by keeping an eye on the kids while I get dinner done! It will be nice to cook dinner in peace!

We've been having a relaxed day in, looking out at the snow. We watched the Curious George Christmas movie earlier just because it has snow in it! Then we watched Snow White! I love getting to rewatch my favorite childhood Disney movies with Big E and Little E! There are so many more that we haven't watched yet!

I've been diffusing summery scents in my diffuser all morning! Lemon, Lime, Stress Away...they all smell lovely and remind me of being at the beach!! I would so much rather be at the beach right now then surrounded by snow. But let's look on the bright side, this should be the last snowfall this winter and hopefully we don't get any more once it's officially spring next week!!!! Here are some pictures of the winter wonderland right outside my house, enjoy!! Have a great day everyone!!

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