Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Year of Cupcakes- March

So as I wrote in this post, I'm going to be making one batch of cupcakes each month from the article I found in the Food Network Magazine. This month it was Rainbow Cupcakes. And let me tell you, it was very time consuming!! But I will say, they turned out tasting very good! Luckily they didn't taste like they look. One thing that I think I was missing and was a big factor to how nice the frosting turned out: a hand mixer. I used to have one but then one day I plugged it in and it didn't work so I threw it out. If the other cupcake recipes say to use a hand mixer, I'm definitely going to have to go and buy one. The "frosting" on my cupcakes doesn't really look like frosting. It's more like icing. But oh well, it still tastes good.

So without further ado, here is how my cupcakes turned out. I took a few pictures while I was making them.

And here is what they were supposed to look like.

Also, the recipe called for lemon juice but instead, I used Young Living's Lemon Vitality essential oil! It was my very first time cooking with essential oils! It called for lemon juice in the cake mix so I used 3 drops. And for the frosting it called for lemon zest so I just did one drop of the oil.

I also don't know how they got their colors to be so bright. The lighting for my picture did kind of stink, but even in person it doesn't look as bright as Food Network's cupcake is. Oh well. I never said I was a professional baker!

So there you go, my first attempt at one of the cupcakes from A Year of Cupcakes!! Next month instead of just doing the one for April, I'm also going to make January's cupcake. I can't forget about January! Have a great evening everyone!!

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