Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekend recap- 3/19/17

Another weekend is quickly coming to an end. It seems like the week days drag on and then the weekend just flies by! Saturday I taught an essential oils 101 class at my local library. I couldn't advertise it at the library so it was hard getting people to attend. A bunch of my friends were interested but they just couldn't make it. I ended up having a total of 4 people, one of them being a complete stranger. It was a good class! It was actually my very first one in person! I've taught 2 Facebook live classes, but it's definitely different when your audience is sitting directly in front of you. But it was great to have gone through that first in-person class. I'm starting to fill up my calendar for April and already have 2 Facebook live classes, but I hope I can add some in-person classes as well!!

Let's rewind a bit to Saturday morning, we went to Lowes and picked out a new bathroom vanity and sink! We had a pedestal sink and I really didn't like it! There's a medicine cabinet above the toilet but it's super full! So I like the idea of having some space under the sink to put things. Plus, the old sink was a little messed up. I was cleaning it the other day and there was stuff that just wasn't coming off. So, I convinced the hubby to go get a new one! It's been causing him some issues installing it though and it still isn't done. I think he needs to make another trip back to Lowes to get some more supplies.

My hubby had poker night Saturday night with some guys he works with. So when the kids went to bed, I had a crazy night in...I did some was and watched Parenthood on Netflix! A few months ago my hubby and I finished watching Parenthood so now I'm just rewatching it. I can never seem to find something new and exciting to watch so I just rewatch things I've seen before.

This morning my hubby went to Lowes but the ended up getting the wrong thing so we all took another trip out there so he could make an exchange. The kiddos are just getting up from their naps now and who knows what's next. It's leftover night for dinner so that will make dinnertime easy!

What have you been up to this weekend? I hope it's been a good one! Leave me some comments!

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