Friday, March 17, 2017

It finally happened!!

So it has officially been a week that Big E has been going pee pee on the potty!! I am still amazed that it finally clicked for her. I was seriously beginning to think that she was never going to be potty trained. For months now when we asked her "Where do you go pee pee? Where do you go poo poo?", she would always say "On the potty." So I think the fact that she knew that for a while now, helped a lot when we started to potty train this time. Since the day we put underwear on her, she had 2 accidents a day, except for yesterday when she had one and today she had none!

We are still using diapers during naptime and bedtime. But when we leave the house, we'll have her wear underwear. We'll just make sure she goes potty before we leave and then first thing when we get where we're going.

She's peeing on the potty, but still pooping in her diaper. And I'm alright with that. It's still only 2 diapers a day that she's using instead of 5-7 like she used to use. And I'm only changing one kid's diapers now, yay for that!!!

Fingers crossed that Little E is easier to potty train that Big E was. I'm hoping he'll see his sister using the potty and want to be like her! Have a great Friday night everyone and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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